Saturday, June 11, 2011

what a find!

Yesterday we set off to Aguascalientes on a mission.  Two missions actually, but only one interested me.  To look for a store and find out about another tattoo for Jorge.  Let's just not talk about the tattoo...

The store.  We go to Aguascalientes for most things I need that I can't find here in Jalos.  It isn't a bad drive, just an hour and a half.  Wish it were a bit closer, but it is probably a good thing it isn't.  It is easy to restrain from spending money when you live here, away from everything.

We saw a billboard a while back that was advertising a store called Cantia.  We had heard from a few others about the store but really didn't give it any thought.  During our last outing to "the city" we saw the billboard again and I told Jorge we should check it out.

I have to admit that most times (other than Costco) I have been disappointed when we go to stores here.  Either they still don't have any kind of selection and/or the quality of the items are horrible.  OR, they do have things that I haven't found anywhere else but the prices are so ridiculous that it just make me mad.

So, when we set off for Cantia I expected nothing and hoped for everything.  We got to the store, since it was a Friday there weren't many people there.  Bonus!  We walked through the doors and I am sure my face lit up.  It was so great!  It is pretty much a Mexican IKEA.  A little piece of heaven right there in Aguascalientes!

It wasn't as big as IKEA and didn't have as many products, but it has to be a sister store.  The design of the building, the layout of the store, the price tags, everything was identical to IKEA.  And we all know how awesome IKEA is.

Not only was it exciting that this store is within close proximity to me (I believe there is only this one in Mexico) but the prices are very affordable.  Oh my, I just am in love with the place!  When we left I told Jorge that I could spend the rest of the day in the store but I don't want to clean out the bank account.  Plus, we have a Honda Accord so we are limited in what we can fit in the car. 

I started to take pictures inside but Jorge pointed out that there was a sign when we first walked in that said no cameras. 

I bought a shelf that I intended on putting in the girls' room but it ended up out here by their craft table.  I'll get a second one for them later.

And the pink collapsible box that is on the second shelf.

And some nesting bowls.

And a really cute tote for the girls' stuffed animals...not that they will fit all their animals in there.

And this pitcher.  Do you see what is in the pitcher?  Yes, those are REAL lemons.  Found them at the Wal-Mart there.  My aunt and friend sent me some lemon peel that is jarred.  But, I am definitely going to find a few recipes that require lemon juice.  So EXCITED about this!

And, they had material at Cantia.  Cute material.  Remember, no cameras so no picture.  But, I did buy these two pieces of material.  They are upholstery material.  I think I will make a pillow cover with the green one.  The pink one I plan to make a headboard for the girls' bed.

I also bought a few other things.  A tart mould, a casserole dish, a pizza pan and place mats.  We will definitely be going back.  Soon!


Rebecca said...

How cool! It looks like that is the only location. I hope they expand!

julie said...

That store looks fun - and definitely like a relative of IKEA. I'm so glad you found lemons!!!

Jackie said...

OMGoodness!!! It's totally a Mexican IKEA!!! I can't believe it! I want to go! Thank you for taking the photos for us to see how it truely resembles IKEA.

About 10 minutes from our house, we have a store that imports everything from IKEA. They always have the latest catalogues and they'll do special orders, but the prices are OUTRAGES! And part of the fun of shopping at IKEA are the affordable prices.

Isn't it funny how we get excited about something like lemons?