Saturday, June 04, 2011

I'm not paying that!

A few months back I was sitting on the couch, the girls were probably down at their grandma's house and I was looking for something to do.  When the girls aren't here I have so much extra time on my hands.  Imagine that!

While sitting there I realized that the pillow covers I had made for a few of the couch pillows were looking quite sad.  I thought it was time for new pillows.  And, for once, I didn't want to make them.  I wanted to buy them.  Usually when I want anything down here I have to make it.  After so many years of HAVING to do things by hand, including making everything from scratch, it is nice to have a break.

The next day we set off for Aguascalientes.  That is where we go for all our big shopping.  Or just to get our dose of commercialization.  The mall we go to has a Pier One (it is actually located inside the Sears...does Sears own Pier One?).  Every time we go to the mall I always walk through Pier One and look at all the pretty colorful items they have.  They have a very large wall of throw pillows.  Perfect place to look for new pillows!

I started looking for pillows I liked and found a few.  I wanted some texture to the pillow, something more than a flat front.  So, I picked up the few that I found, looked at the price tag and immediately crapped my pants! 

Now, I am used to seeing high prices here in Mexico.  That is why I usually shop online, mail it to my mom's house, she repackages it and mails it to me.  Even with the shipping costs, when I get a bunch of things at once, it is still cheaper than buying things here.  Plus, the States have SO much more variety and the quality is usually better.

Anyway, I saw the price tags and couldn't believe that they would want $60 to $70 USD for ONE pillow.  I want new pillows, but not that badly.

So, I went home with no pillows in hand...  I turned to the next best thing.  The internet.  There are so many talented crafty bloggers that share their ideas with you.  I stumbled across the blog Cluckclucksew and she had a couple pillows that fit the bill.  AND, I happen to have the right kind of fabric.  (Gotta buy all my fabric in the States, too!) 

She had a tutorial on how to make a pillow with a large petaled flower on the front.  I had some material that I got from Ms. D that didn't fray.  It was perfect and a great shade of blue.  I rummaged through my other fabric and found two other pieces of fabric that coordinated.  And, as you see below, I made two pillows.  The big flower one is great and I love it.  The other one is just a filler until I make something else.  I had just a little of the non-fraying fabric and made those little flowers.  Nothing too exciting.

I also found another pillow on her blog that I thought was the cutest!  At the time that I made it she didn't have a tutorial.  I just made it how I thought she might and it turned out.  Since then she has posted a tutorial.  It is a bit different than I did it, but it could easily just be a guide for you.  She calls them Sprocket Pillows.

So, once again I had to do something myself.  I am really happy with the outcome, but I am ready to just buy some pillows.  I recently looked on and found some that I love.  I just need to have my mom buy one of those space saver bags and put the pillows in there, suck the air out and then she could mail some to me. 

Now you can go whip up some pillows for yourself. 

P.S. Penny, if you happen upon this blog post, I will still make you one of the "Sprocket Pillows".  I haven't forgotten!


Cutzi said...

Val! You have such great sewing skills! Everything you make always turns out so nice and polished looking. I LOVE, LOVE that big blue flower pillow. Good job!

Lisa n Javi said...

Wow!! You did such a great job. These are soo cute. I wish I could sew like this.

Valarie said...

Thanks, ladies!

Jackie said...

I live in Guadalajara and we also have a Pier 1 in Sears. A couple of months ago I wanted a couple of throw pillows for our couch and went to Pier 1, only to find out out they cost almost $600 pesos!!! Your pillows are adorable...even better than the ones they have at Pier 1. :)

Erica Marie said...

I was blog hoping and came across your blog! I ended up doing the same thing after visiting our Pier 1 here in Merida Yucatan...I love you pillow combo! nice!

ArmyMustang said...

Thanks for finding my blog! Wow, you are quite the crafty person, I couldn't sew a thing to save my soul, even if I was stark naked! I wish but never learned.

Leslie Limon said...

I love that pillow with the big blue flower! I just might have to make one for myself. :)

60 to 70 dollars for throw pillows is highway robbery! You could probably make them yourself OR head to an upholstery shop (doesn't even have to be my Hubby's) and get them made to your liking: size & material!

Valarie said...

Leslie! You are so cute! Of course it would HAVE to be your husband's shop!