Wednesday, February 24, 2010

another day

I just told Jorge last night that I am OK with being in Mexico. I am OK with being in the house most of the time. Actually I feel pretty good about everything right now. BUT, what I do have a hard time is spending SO MUCH time with the girls. I am just not the type to be a stay-at-home mom. It is probably my biggest challenge of being here.

My solution is to come supply the girls with things that will occupy them and make them be at peace with each other, some of the time at least.

Since the girls enjoyed the fort that we made the other day I decided I would convert their table into a fort. It is a smaller version, but does the job. Their old curtain was a shower curtain and I figured I would use it some day and the other day was the day.

Other than trying to make them happy, I have been making things to spruce up the house a bit. I made some new pillows for my bed and some curtains for the window on the door to the back patio.

Bella wanted to show off the pillow I made her last night. When she saw the new pillows on my bed she asked me to make her a pillow. So, per her request she got a pillow, too.

And, we can't leave goofy Emily out of the post.

Friday, February 19, 2010

my kind of project

I did a little sewing project today that was right up my alley. Started and finished all in one sitting.

My mom bought the girls a stroller for their baby dolls but that is not the every day use of it around here. Emily likes to be the *baby doll* and Bella is a nice big sister and pushes Emily around.

After them doing that for several months it has finally gave out and the seat has torn.
I figured it couldn't be too difficult to make a new one. I got a bunch of material from Betty Newport and one of the pieces of material was The Little Mermaid. Perfect! As soon as I asked the girls which material they wanted, both pointed to that.

It is not the prettiest of seat covers but it does the job. Now Emily can be pushed around again and again until this one tears and I can make a new one then.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

practicing patience

Being with children all day and sewing are alike because both test my patience. I try to be calm and deal with each in a way that doesn't stress me out.

While in the States I bought several things I thought would help tackle being with the girls day in and day out. I love them to death but being with them 24/7 is sometimes a lot to take. And, I should admit that they do go over to their Grandma R's house a few afternoons a week, sometimes even the whole day. Thank God for that!

Even with all those lovely toys they have, kids always prefer something made a fort made from a blanket and a table and couch for the supporting walls. Sometime things like this help occupy them and allows me to not feel the need to pull out my hair. It just takes the right tools.

With sewing it is a different kind of patience, but patience none the less. When I start something I like to complete it within the same sitting as when I started it. The project I have just started it is not even possible to finish anywhere near when I start it. I am making a blanket/quilt for the girls' bed. I plan to make two, one for each of them for when they get older.

I got all this really cute fabric from Hobby Lobby. I got a yard of 8 different prints. I figure I would use all of them in each blanket. That way they can be similar but I plan to make them different.

My parents got me a self-healing mat for my birthday. I used to have a rotary cutter that I had sold at my garage sale pre-moving to Mexico (May 2008). Heather was the one to buy it and found it in her house not too long ago and gave it back to me. She is so sweet. I bought one of the rulers that goes along with the mat. So now I am set.

After spending about 20 minutes and cutting 2 of the pieces of fabric, I am ready to be done with it.

After having done only this much I took a small break, went out back took some laundry off the clothes line (you know, our dryer caught fire...still waiting for the Whirlpool guy to get here) and folded them. That gave me a small enough break to come back and cut two more pieces of fabric. So now I have cut half of what I need in order to START sewing.
You might remember I started a different quilt a ways back. It is still *started*. Hopefully I can finish that one day too.
I can tell you, just like that blanket for the fort, there are certain tools that definitely help the process. That self-healing mat and rotary cutter are sent straight from heaven. If I didn't have those it would have taken me...well, let's just say I would haven't started this new blanket.
I am still a work in progress. The first step is admitting a problem, right? Just wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

settling in

I left Indy on February 5th to return to Mexico. I packed the car as much as it would let me and I headed South. I guess my early departure was a good idea because ever since I left Indy has been hit with snow after snow. I am glad to have left all that behind.

Seeing the girls and Jorge was just wonderful. Only 6 weeks had passed but the girls seemed different. Even their tiny voices seems a bit changed. They didn't want to let go of me and I felt the same way. Emily was especially clingy and even wanted to sleep with me the first night back. And I really don't need to mention how happy Jorge was to have me back.

I have been settling back into my old life and sprucing up the house the past week. It took some time to put everything away and get back into a normal routine.

Leave it to me to not ever let things lie untouched. I just want the house to feel extra homey and make everything more comfortable. So, I stirred everything up.

When we first moved here 2 years ago ( I KNOW, can you believe it has been 2 years!) Jorge bought our stove, washer and dryer used. It seems like the smart thing. We got the appliances we needed at a bargain price. Well, they have seen their day. The washer seems to do it's job well enough, but the dryer...that's another story. It burns our clothes. Even on the lowest temp setting it burns them. And the stove, it must be competing with the dryer. The lowest temp setting on the oven is around 400/410. And the burners on the stove top have only one setting...on. And when on they don't get very hot. I would would say it would be comparable to a low to medium heat. Kind of hard to boil things or simmer things. Basically cooking different dishes was always a task. So, we took care of that and bought a new stove and dryer.

The stove is AWESOME! It works like a stove should. I am going to test it out today making some goodies.

And look, it even had a temperature control gauge! Now I just need to learn celcius. Oh, I am so happy I could do a dance!

And, the dryer. Let's say for about 30 minutes it worked perfectly. That was until it caught on fire! We have to call Whirlpool for them to replace it. The portable dryer vent was (I am assuming) too close and up in flames it went. Luckily they will replace it.

So guess who had to hang dry the rest of the clothes. I wasn't go to make Jorge drag back in the old dryer and hook it up. I just hope they are fast with the replacement.

We also were in need of a new bed for Emily. She was ready to retire the crib. Jorge and I had a queen size bed and I had the idea of buying the new twin and taking Bella's existing twin and putting them together to make a king for me and Jorge. Then we could give the queen to the girls. It worked well!
Here is our new king sized bed with a newly covered headboard. Found this pretty fabric a Hancock Fabrics. I just love it.
And the girls' new queen size bed. Last night was the night they slept in it. After all the hitting, scratching, bitting and fighting, they finally closed their eyes and slept there ALL NIGHT LONG! Since I have been back most nights one or both of the girls find their way to our bed. I am over that and want to enjoy a bed free of little ones.

I found these cute butterfly lights at Big Lots for only $9. I thought they would look cute on the headboard. The girls love them. Now if I can just keep them from messing with them. I am sure the lifespan of these lights is limited. The butterflies are metal...easily broken when little hands keep bending them.
I also replaced the girls curtain...once again using a shower curtain. I think it is pretty darn cute.

For Christmas they got a play stove and a sink. And while I was in town I went to IKEA and bought this cute table and stools.

When I came down over Christmas we got a new TV stand. Our big TV is still being fixed...that is if they can track down the part to fix it. And you might notice I have a coffee table (actually it is two IKEA tables put together...only $7.99 a piece!).

Another Big Lot find...these glass with two bags of shells (total $14). I just think it looks nice.

I got a lot of fabric while I was in town...thanks to few people. I also got lots of crafty supplies so the girls and I can do fun projects. All these neat things deserve a space of their own. I now have a sewing/craft nook.

While I will miss the Target, Big Lots, Kroger, etc shopping trips and of course my State's friends and family, I am REALLY glad to be back home. I, once again, am thankful for technology because it allows me to stay in touch with everyone back in the States and anywhere else in the Singapore.