Monday, March 23, 2009

lack of posts

I have been trying to think of blog entries lately but have come up blank. I started this blog to shed light on living in Mexico and to note the differences vs. the US. I wanted to stay away from writing about the girls because I didn't think that would be of interest to most people reading. Not that I don't love talking about them, just that this is "Life in Mexico".

I guess my problem is that I don't see things to be odd anymore. Well, some things yes, but most no. My parents were down for a visit a few weeks back and to hear them talking about all the differences was kind of funny. These were now the things I have become used to.

My life is here now and the differences are not so apparent. This is my normal. I still miss certain things from the US. The ability to hop in the car and drive to Target to pick up some things. Or, if I get an itch to do a project, the ability to find whatever the project calls for. Those little things are what I miss. Of course I miss family and friends but Skype and email have made the distance easier.

I have made a home here and am very comfortable. Yes, there are still plenty of stresses, but that is life. I have chose to not worry about the future or things I have no control over. We will cross those bridges when they come.

This blog might take a turn away from talking about Mexico vs. the US because I just don't notice them as much. My life here is pretty boring so most likely there will be more posts about the girls because they will probably offer some funny stories.

So, I hope all of you continue reading and enjoying my stories.

Monday, March 02, 2009

overnight guest

The other day we had a lady ring our doorbell and ask if we wanted the Virgin to stay overnight. Jorge, of course, said yes.

There were people gathered outside our front door singing and praying. It was an experience I don't think I would have had in the US. I just stood there smiling my normal smile.