Friday, October 07, 2011

life with kids

Hi!  I have been away from my blog for what feels like a million years.  I really haven't been up to much of anything new.  During a typical day you can find me doing one of the below:

Playing on the computer
On-line shopping, preparing for my visit to the States
Messing with the girls in one way or another.

Today, out of that list, I did all but one. I didn't buy anything online.  And that is surprising.

Today has been mainly messing with the girls.

I got sucked into Pinterest.  You can check out the coolness on my page here.

I found a cute art project through Pinterest that the girls and I did today.  It was easy and not very messy.  Something that isn't very messy is a big plus in my book!

After doing their art project and taking a bath, because even if it isn't a mess activity, Emily still gets paint everywhere, they tore apart my living room.

They had fun while playing on the floor with all the pillows and watching TV.  I was happy because they were occupied while I got some of my work done.