Friday, May 21, 2010

the mind of a two year old

Here is a little conversation that just happened between Emily and me.

Me: (burp) -- yeah, I am lady-like!

Emily: Are you hungry?

Me: No.

Emily: You want a drink?

Me: No.

Emily: Do you need to puke?

Me: No.

Emily: You need to poopie?

Me: No.

The End.

I just thought it was funny.  I guess she didn't understand why I burped.  Who knows with her.  She is often out in left field.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

birthday boy

Today is Jorge's birthday.  When he comes home from work he will be welcomed with this cake.

It's a tres leches cake.

Looks yummy, huh?

Happy Birthday, Jorge!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

answer for julie

It is not Evian water, although it does look very similar to Evian's label.  It is none other than epura agua!

Take a closer look.

Monday, May 17, 2010

holy smallness batman!

***UPDATE*** I didn't want to make all of you worry any longer than you needed to.  I got the gallon of milk to fit into the refrigerator.  AND, I got a container of juice in there too!

So, Jorge got home, helped me move the new refrigerator into place and then I put all the food in it.

IT IS REALLY SMALL compared to our other one.  This will definitely help me keep costs down when it comes to grocery shopping!  I don't even have a gallon of milk in there yet.

This will be an adjustment on it's own.

new additions

Last weekend we went to Aguascalientes for a little bit of normal.  We had told Bella we would get a pool for her.  For some reason we have an issue with fire and the last one was in the laundry room and it caught on fire.... oops!

We were at a store similar to Wal-Mart and they had tons to choose from.  Instead of getting one for the girls, we got one for the whole family.  It is large and in charge.

This past Saturday I pulled the pool out of the box and started blowing it up.  I had to stop a few times cause I felt like I was going to pass out.  I began to regret getting such a large pool.

After blowing it up and filling it with water, I looked at it and thought "this is going to be great".  It is so big.  All of us can fit in the pool at the same time and we have plenty of room to spare.  Now I just need to teach the girls how to make me yummy drinks using the blender and I will be all set! :)

We have another addition to our house, this one was not so welcome.

Our stupid refrigerator when out again.  Instead of pouring anymore money into it and waiting several days for the repair guy to show up and in the mean time losing a lot more perishable items, we decided to just buy new.  The other one was bought used 2 1/2 years ago.

The new one is smaller and hopefully more energy efficient.

The makers, Mabe (I believe a division of GE), knows their priorities.  The shelves in the door specifically are there for ice cream (helados)!  So, I guess we will just have to only stock them with that.

They delivered it this morning and told us to not plug it in until it has been sitting upright for 4 hours.  When Jorge gets home I will give him the lovely job of change the door so it swings open in the opposite direction.  He will love that!  Yeah right.

And, for those of you that enjoy a picture or two of the girls (Mom, that is you!), here are the girls coloring this morning.  Daddy's workout bench servers as both a gym and a table for coloring.

Until the next post...

Saturday, May 08, 2010

our week

So, this is what has been happening around here lately...

Made necklaces...well, started them.  The girls lost focus.

Colored outside so that Emily could look cool in her shades.  Not that she needs to be outside to wear them.

Saw how sweet the girls can be...when they are sleeping.

Bella is in a dress mode.  She has been wearing dresses everyday for the past week.

Been dealing with these two.  Both these pictures are staged, but don't think for one minute that there is not a reality behind them.  I will admit they both got my attitude...poor me!

I gave Emily a haircut.  She always looked like a wild animal and refused to keep anything in her hair.  So, chopping it off seemed to work.

And, after Emily's photo session so I could get a picture of her new haircut, she decided she wanted to practice her photography.  At least she got part of me in the shot.  Better than I was expecting.

And, the most exciting news!  After 3 years and 4 months of diapers, our house is now diaper-free!  Yes, it is GREAT!  It has been about 3 days now that Emily has been in only underwear and no accidents.  Emily is 2 years and 3 months so she did it 2 months earlier than Bella.  NO MORE DIAPERS!  YAY!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and for those of you mothers, a great Mother's Day!