Monday, May 17, 2010

holy smallness batman!

***UPDATE*** I didn't want to make all of you worry any longer than you needed to.  I got the gallon of milk to fit into the refrigerator.  AND, I got a container of juice in there too!

So, Jorge got home, helped me move the new refrigerator into place and then I put all the food in it.

IT IS REALLY SMALL compared to our other one.  This will definitely help me keep costs down when it comes to grocery shopping!  I don't even have a gallon of milk in there yet.

This will be an adjustment on it's own.

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julie said...

That almost reminds me of the Micro-Fridges at Ball State! I'm impressed that you got a gallon of milk in there! I have one question, though. Is that a Mexican Evian bottle in your door? If it is, why wouldn't it be called Evian? If not, then nevermind. :)