Saturday, May 08, 2010

our week

So, this is what has been happening around here lately...

Made necklaces...well, started them.  The girls lost focus.

Colored outside so that Emily could look cool in her shades.  Not that she needs to be outside to wear them.

Saw how sweet the girls can be...when they are sleeping.

Bella is in a dress mode.  She has been wearing dresses everyday for the past week.

Been dealing with these two.  Both these pictures are staged, but don't think for one minute that there is not a reality behind them.  I will admit they both got my attitude...poor me!

I gave Emily a haircut.  She always looked like a wild animal and refused to keep anything in her hair.  So, chopping it off seemed to work.

And, after Emily's photo session so I could get a picture of her new haircut, she decided she wanted to practice her photography.  At least she got part of me in the shot.  Better than I was expecting.

And, the most exciting news!  After 3 years and 4 months of diapers, our house is now diaper-free!  Yes, it is GREAT!  It has been about 3 days now that Emily has been in only underwear and no accidents.  Emily is 2 years and 3 months so she did it 2 months earlier than Bella.  NO MORE DIAPERS!  YAY!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and for those of you mothers, a great Mother's Day!


grandmamargie said...

Congratulations on the no more diapers. You have two beautiful little girls. These are the precious years, enjoy them to the most.

Michelle said...

Hi! My name is Michelle (Wrightsman) Gabbard. You worked with my mom, Pam, at Carter Lee. And my dad and his brother's grew up with your uncle Rob and Rick. My mom loves your blog and showed me. So amazing! I love all the stuff you make, your pictures, and your spunk! :) You encourage me...and I'm here in the US. :) So I just wanted to say thanks! We like some of the same sites too, I see...the pioneer woman! I'll probably pester you for links to some of your cool projects. :)