Monday, April 26, 2010

enough is enough

I am just so in love with these totes, that is why I want to show you the finished product.  After making the bag for Cesly the other day, Bella requested one for her.  Of course I couldn't say no, especially when I still had some of that really cute fabric left.

I also had made a very simple one for me a few weeks ago but wanted to change it up a bit.  So, I changed that one too and thought might as well show you that one too.

Since I don't have hardly any of that cute fabric left I can almost promise you that I won't continue to keep  posting about these totes.

I won't keep you waiting any longer.  Here is Bella's bag.  I really really like it.

And, here is Bella posing with her bag.

All the totes I have been making are reversible.

And, here is the bag I changed for me.  I just really like the contrast of the brown on the bottom of a lighter color.  I had some brown corduroy and thought it would be a nice contrast to the purple (which is a flat sheet).

And, as you see, here is the reverse side.

This concludes the millionth time down the tote road.


julie said...

This is lovely, Val! You are so talented!

Barbara said...

these bags are just phantastic! You should sell them!

Anonymous said...

See, Val -- Barbara agrees with me. Do you have a marketing plan?

Get on it, girl!

Love and hugs
Ms D

Amy Strain said...

I LOVE these bags!!! And I can't believe how cute and grown up Miss Bella looks! You are amazing!