Wednesday, April 14, 2010

dirty distraction

Last night while I was talking on Skype with my uncle Rick and aunt Kuniko in Singapore the girls went out on the front patio. This is not an unusual act since sitting at a computer and talking with people, even mamaw and papaw, seems to test their attention spans.

Normal they go out there and are playing with their toys, they take books outside to "read" or take the broom and sweep (they are very domestic).

Last night was a bit different. They took it upon themselves to aerate all the potting soil in my planters. Nice of them, huh?

They also decided to aerate themselves.

I had just recently planted some Serrano pepper plants. Who knows where they will come up now.


grandmamargie said...

Oh, my. Brought a smile to my face though.

Valarie said...

Yeah, I agree. Other than the cleaning it up part, I thought it was pretty cute of them. They were having fun and NOT fighting which is always a good thing!