Friday, April 16, 2010

take that!

This morning after Emily and Bella climbed into our bed, like every other morning, there was a two lined conversation between the two of them that I found to be rather humorous.
It started with me and Emily:

Emily: I'm tired.

Me: Lay down. (remember, we are in my bed)

Emily: I want to go in there. (pointing her finger towards her room)

Me: Well, then go.

Emily: No. I want you to carry me like a baby.

Me: No. You can walk.

Bella: Emily, you are a big girl you can walk.

Emily: Be quiet. You're a boy.

I just laughed again. The insults of a two year old. I don't think I could have ever come up with that.


Cutzi said...

Haha!! I love it! We overhear very similar conversations at our house.

Heather said...

I think I said something similar to my sister earlier today!

Colin said...

And what's wrong with being a boy? *We* deserve to get carried to our bedrooms and gingerly laid on soft blankets too!

The only problem is that no one can carry us except... bigger boys. And that's a whole other matter. Less cushy and pleasant, more prison-y.

Forget I said anything.

Tara from Me and the Mexican said...