Tuesday, April 06, 2010

weekend getaway to aguascalientes

A few weekends ago we took the girls to Aguascalientes with us. We went to McDonald's which was a big hit with Bella. (I had my little digital camera and didn't get very clear pictures...sorry.)

I didn't want to embarrass Jorge and look too touristy taking pictures in the McDonald's so I only took the one of the outside from in the car.

Then we went to the mall. The first picture shows Sears and the second shows you how big the mall is. On the left of the bottom picture you can see the new Marriott they just completed.

The girls wanted to pose by the water fountain outside of the mall entrance. It was warm enough that day that we wouldn't have minded getting in the water.

Inside the mall they have this game type place (kind of like a Chuckie Cheese with out the food) and the girls had fun playing little games.

The girls liked posing as Buzz Lightyear.

It was a nice family day spent together. The girls were pretty good overall and the day wore them out. The whole ride home (an hour and a half) the girls slept.

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