Wednesday, April 07, 2010

just another day in the neighborhood

The weather here is starting to warm up. While that sounds good, it means that the hot days are soon to be near. Without the luxury of A/C, the hot days of summer are not always welcome.

One nice thing about the weather being warm, basically year round (especially that the sun is always out) is that I can line dry my clothes. When it is hot out they dry more quickly than in the dryer.

Remember that my new dryer burnt up? Well, we just got it fixed a few days ago. We still need to replace the portable dryer vent so I am still hanging things to dry. It has been such a long time since I have used the dryer that I don't think anything about hang drying them. I think I will continue to hang them...definitely will keep the electric bill down.

I have also mentioned that I read to fill the time. This shows you how much time I have. These have been read over the past 6 or 7 weeks. Not to mention that I have done all the other projects and taming the wild girls.

Speaking of projects. I did one today that was a complete failure. And surprisingly it didn't bum me out. I think it is the laid back environment getting to me.

I tried to add a little decorative border around the pillow cover but as you see it looks horrible. And since I was working with a bunch of material the backing material shifted and it is so uneven it is funny and way too small. I almost had to put butter on the insert pillow to get it in the cover.

Oh well. It is really ugly but I am using it anyway because I don't feel like redoing it right now. And I know the pictures make it look better than it really is but believe me when I say it is a disaster.

The girls went down to their grandma's house this afternoon so I think I will try to find something else to do.

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