Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome back, me!

I have been absent for a long time now.  I see my last post was back at the beginning of September.  Since a few people have asked about my blog, I figured I would try and start it up again.

My intro back into the blog world will be to recap the last handful of months.

At the very end of October the girls and I flew to Indy for a month.  We got there a few days before Halloween and stayed until a few days after Thanksgiving.  We left just in time for all the snow to start.

Halloween was a big hit with Bella this year.  We went twice.  Once out in Jamestown at my aunt's house and on Halloween night with the girls' BFF, Alex.  Bella couldn't get enough of her outfit.  Emily did great going up to the houses.

You know how it is for me to go to the United States.  I don't leave empty handed.  It is actually the opposite.  I went with one carry on and on checked bag.  Somehow I managed, of course with the two girls, too, to bring back 2 carry on bags and 3 checked bags.  Oh, and I had to mail a 25 lb box back.  You should have seen the circus act at the airport in Mexico trying to get all those bags by myself.  It was a sight to be seen.

Here is proof of my visit to the States.  My Aunt Janny took me to GFS to stock up on some spices/herbs.  That was fun!  Because of that, I had to buy a rack from Home Depot so I could put all my things somewhere.  Now I think I am qualified to cook and bake.

I also brought back lots of fabric.  It is hard to find good, cute fabric here.  I ended up making a blanket for one of our friend's little girl, America.  She is less than a year, but I thought she might like to have her own cute blanket.  Let me tell you, the blanket was so cute and soft I almost didn't want to give it away.  But, I did.  America's mom loved it!  So, I am assuming when America gets a little older she will love it too.

Once we got back here, we put up the Christmas tree and the Santa question started to roll in.  Bella, almost  daily, asked me when Santa was coming.  We made a countdown calendar to easy her frustration and to keep me a bit sane.  Emily was more curious of how Santa was going to get in the house.  I just told her we would leave the door unlocked for him.  We made cookies and left those out for Santa and some carrots for his reindeer.  Luckily they didn't wake up too early that morning.  I think around 7:30 am.

A week after Christmas is Bella's birthday, December 31st.  We made cupcakes and had a little party for her.  The girl loves presents so she was as happy as could be.

Since the new year has started, I have been pretty busy with work.  I love that I have a job.  It keeps me busy during the days.  But, I like to fill up the rest of my day tinkering around with sewing.  I read this blog and saw the "hobo bag" tutorial a long time ago.  I figured since I have all this cute fabric, I could make the girls a bag each.  I did it a little differently than the tutorial, but it was a nice guide.

After making them their bags, I wanted something.  I decided to make a new purse for myself.  I am really happy with the outcome.  The liner fabric and the dark gray fabric were courtesy of Ms. D.  The printed fabric was some new stuff I bought.

That sums up the last handful of months in a nut shell.

Sunday is my birthday so we are taking a trip to the "big city" and going to shop, eat good food and probably see a movie!  I have been looking forward to going for a few weeks now.

Hopefully it won't be long until my next post.