Friday, April 09, 2010


I was blog surfing the other day and saw a picture of some salsa and chips. It had been a long time since I had made any and thought I should go ahead and make some.

I have told most people what the weekly pay is here and how low the cost of living is as far as some items. Produce is one of those things that cost little money. Which makes the cost of salsa next to nothing!

Honestly it has been so long since I have really grocery shopped in the States that I can't remember the exact price of things. And even that was over 2 years ago. I know the price of items have went up in that time span.

I thought it would be fun to show you how cheap some of these items are to make the salsa. The main ingredients are staples here: tortillas (to make chips), tomatoes, red onion, cilantro, limes and garlic. (I also throw just the smallest pinch of sugar and a very tiny splash of cider vinegar and of course salt into the salsa.)

Everything is in pesos. The easiest way is to move the decimal over one spot and that will pretty much equate it to the US dollar. (i.e. 5.60 pesos is $0.56 USD)

7 Limes: 2.80 pesos (I used 2.) 6 Tomatoes: 5.60 pesos (I used all of them.)

2 Red Onions: 18.30 pesos (I only used half of one.)

Head of Garlic: 2.48 pesos (I only used one clove.)

Tortillas: 3.00 pesos (I used the whole stack.)
I didn't need to buy cilantro, but it cost around 1.00 pesos for a big bunch.
I cut the tortillas, dried them out in the oven and then fried them in oil on the stove top. Not the healthiest, but let me tell you they are DELICIOUS!

After mixing all my cheap ingredients, this is what you get.

One yummy snack! We accompanied this love dish with a movie last night. Can't beat that.

I think overall it was a little over $1 USD to make this.


julie said...

That looks delicious!!!

Amy said...

Yummy! I think I'll try making chips like this!!!

grandmamargie said...

That looks wonderful.

Colin said...

Tasty-looking indeed, and per your photo of the garlic, I plan to start lobbying for my new nickname to be Super Jigo.