Monday, April 05, 2010

no short cuts allowed

Days like today I realize how many conveniences there are in the US. Everything is at your fingertips.

Here, in Jalos, I find myself not missing them most of the times but when I would like fun little snacks for the girls and can't find any here, it is frustrating. My mom helped a bit by sending some goldfish crackers and some fruit snacks in the mail the other day.

I found a recipe for graham crackers the other day and thought I would try them. Now, I must mention that I brought 14 lbs of brown sugar back with me. That is one thing I can't find here that I really don't like to do without. And, I have found a way to make it as well, but I would like a few easy steps along the way (plus I am not sure if they have molasses here...I will have to look).

I made the dough yesterday and put it in the refrigerator and forgot it until today. It was definitely correct in the fact that the dough is VERY sticky. After making the first cookie sheet worth of graham crackers, I was over making them and I had just started. So, I decided to add a bit more flour to the dough to make it less of a mess to work with. And, I lowered the temperature t0 325 degrees F and baked for only 15 minutes.

They turned out better than I was expecting.

Bella grabbed one before heading out the door and she seemed to like them. Overall, a success. And once I added the flour and used a cookie cutter instead of making them the way the link shows, it made the whole process a bit more pleasant. Pleasant enough that I would make them again.

Here are the little ladies eating lunch in their room. I was feeling brave that day. Usually I have to hose Emily down and the surrounding area after she is done eating. But there isn't too much damage she can do with ham, apples and carrots.

Easter Sunday they had a fun morning of finding the Easter eggs. Bella was totally into it where as Emily was a bit slower. Bella found most of the eggs, but being the nice big sister handed every other one to Emily. What a good sister.

Oh, and one last cute thing. I found a link to make a pom pom wreath. It is in the process. The link to show you how to make the pom poms shows a use of making them into flowers. So I did one that way and it is too cute.


julie said...

Those graham crackers look so good! Well done, Val!

Also, I love that Bella is so sweet to her sister!

grandmamargie said...

You continually amaze me. And what a sweet big sister.