Wednesday, February 24, 2010

another day

I just told Jorge last night that I am OK with being in Mexico. I am OK with being in the house most of the time. Actually I feel pretty good about everything right now. BUT, what I do have a hard time is spending SO MUCH time with the girls. I am just not the type to be a stay-at-home mom. It is probably my biggest challenge of being here.

My solution is to come supply the girls with things that will occupy them and make them be at peace with each other, some of the time at least.

Since the girls enjoyed the fort that we made the other day I decided I would convert their table into a fort. It is a smaller version, but does the job. Their old curtain was a shower curtain and I figured I would use it some day and the other day was the day.

Other than trying to make them happy, I have been making things to spruce up the house a bit. I made some new pillows for my bed and some curtains for the window on the door to the back patio.

Bella wanted to show off the pillow I made her last night. When she saw the new pillows on my bed she asked me to make her a pillow. So, per her request she got a pillow, too.

And, we can't leave goofy Emily out of the post.


grandmamargie said...

You are a good mommy. Such excellent projects. Hopefully, soon, you can find something to do outside your home. But your home seems so cozy and CLEAN, I might add.

Anonymous said...

The sewing is great! I'm really proud of you, girl.

What happened to Bella and Emily? they're looking so much older!!

Love and hugs