Tuesday, June 28, 2011

chocolate chip cookies

Usually I am a planner.  I love knowing what is going to happen and being prepared is great.  But, it isn't so true when it comes to me baking.  I mean, I don't plan when my sweet tooth is going to start yelling.  It has a mind all of it's own. 

So, when the sweet tooth does start up, I need something to calm it down.  And nothing irritates me more than finding a recipe where you need to have room temperature butter when I am wanting to make it on the spot. 

Sure, I know I can put it in the microwave and HOPE that I don't leave it too long.  But, I am not talented like that. 

That is one of the reasons I love the recipe I found to make chocolate chip cookies.  Not only are they great.  But, they don't use room temperature butter.  The recipe calls for melted butter!  Now that is something I can handle since that is probably what the butter I put in the microwave to soften will become.

I made some of these bad boys today because I got this really cute cookie jar Sunday and I wanted to put it to use. 

So go make some for your cookie jar.


Karen said...

Those look delicious. I love that cookie jar too, very cute. I think I'll be trying that recipe soon, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Very nice--both the cookies and the jar!

Jackie said...

Your cookies look so soft and moist...super yummy! And your cookie jar is just too cute!

Leslie Limon said...

So glad you paid attention to your sweet tooth! Filling that cute cookie jar takes precedence over any Spring Cleaning! :D

Just one question about your cookies...Did you use chocolate chips? If so, OMG! Where did you find them? No chocolate chips here, so I end up using plain m&m's or chopped up Carlos V chocolate bars. :P

Valarie said...

I agree. Sweets are more important than most things! :)

Yes, those are chocolate chips. I find both semi-sweet and milk chocolate at Wal-Mart. I have also seen them in another big box store before but I don't remember which one. But, of course only in a big city. As you know, we go to Aguascalientes. I stock up when I go. The cashier probably thinks I am nuts!