Wednesday, June 29, 2011


When the girls were younger, when Emily was still taking two naps a day, Bella and I would watch Dawson's Creek during that second nap time.  We used it as our own little bonding time.  And don't worry any of you Dawson's Creek haters, she requested it!

Now we are heading back in the same direction.  Emily still needs a daily nap.  Bella is getting to the point that she can get by without one.

Today I had them both lay down for their nap.  I was cutting and sewing for the STUPID quilt that I decided to make.  I needed a break.  My fingers were hurting. 

I looked into the girls' room and noticed that Bella was just laying there.  Since she had been laying there for at least 30 minutes and wasn't sleeping I figured we would have some alone time. 

Having two girls so close in age (these two are 14 months apart) it doesn't happen often that I have one on one time with either of them.  They are different children when they are by themselves.  Example:  I don't hear any fighting!

So, while Emily is sleeping, Bella and I are hanging out.

We are laying in my bed watching Enchanted. 

We are having some edamame and iced tea as a snack.

It is nice to just be relaxed with one of my girls.  It doesn't happen very often.


Anonymous said...

I seriously love your bed. The headboard is so pretty and it just looks so big and comfy. I'm really picky about beds, but when I looked around in December, I didn't see much that caught my eye. And I doubt that my school will provide one that is all that nice.

Valarie said...

Thanks! Funny cause I was JUST talking to my mom about my bed. When we lived in Indy, we had a king sized bed. When Jorge got here he bought a queen. It was NOT an easy adjustment. So, I bought two twins and gave the girls the queen. I bought a converter kit that makes two twins into a king. The head board is just something I did. I bought upholestry fabric and covered it. That way I can change it when I want to.

Leslie Limon said...

You are so crafty! I love it! That headboard is gorgeous!!!

One on one time is very different from when all of the kiddies are together. I had some one-on-one time with Jack this morning and we spent it coloring. :)

Valarie said...

You can see in this blog post what my headboard originally looked like. I just got it down to a straight board and the blue in the post is actually a blanket. Later I bought the other fabric and cover it with that. I didn't even do any sewing. It is just pinned there with bobby pins. Easy!

Jackie said...

I love when my Francesca takes a nap and Isabella and I have time together. It reminds me of the days when she was an only child.