Thursday, June 23, 2011

perfect timing

Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday my MIL comes to pick up the girls around 10 am and takes them to her house for the day.  Ever since I started working from home it was more than apparent that I needed some time without them to get my work done.

This morning the girls were brushing their teeth and putting on clothes while I was doing the dishes.  They had already had breakfast and I was thinking about what I wanted to eat.  I got a craving for gorditas but didn't have anything to make the salsa for them.  Oh well.

When my MIL knocked on the gate I noticed she was holding a bowl with a lid.  She handed it to me and told me I just needed to blend it.  It was salsa!  The kind that goes perfectly with gorditas!  Talk about timing!

The reason she brought the salsa down (not sure why it happened to be today) was because I keep telling Jorge that her salsa is perfect.  When I attempt to make it, it just tastes different.  So, that is why she brought it down unblended.  That way I could see how many of each ingredient were in her salsa. 

I mixed up a batch of dough for the gorditas and enjoyed a little Mexican breakfast.

I worked the ENTIRE day yesterday so today, with the nice temperature and overcast sky (although the sun is trying to make an appearance), I am going to take it easy!

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Leslie Limon said...

Yum! And how sweet of your suegra to help with the girls AND to bring you salsa! :)