Thursday, June 09, 2011

easy peasy colored rice

I have been looking online trying to find fun activities for the girls to do.  And, if they can learn something while doing it, even better.

I came across quite a few blogs that were using colored rice for different purposes.  I saw how easy it was to make and thought I should make some for the girls.

I think there is no limit to what we could use the rice for.  
  • rice pictures ( some glue and paper and you are good to go)
  • put it in a pie pan and practice writing letters (kind of like an etch-a-sketch)
  • learn measuring units
  • in general, just playing with it
  • hide letters in the rice and make them find the ones that spell out their name
And so on.  I think you get the point.

I made some colored rice last night.  It was very simple.  I used water and colored gel.  Other sites suggested using alcohol so the rice will dry quicker.  And some used the liquid food coloring.

I took a sandwich sized Ziploc baggie and put 2 Tbsp of water in it.  I took the tip of a knife and dipped it in the Wilton's colored gel that I have.  Put the tip of the knife in the baggie and then added a cup of white rice.  Shake it around and then lay on paper towels on a cookie sheet to dry.  With the house being hot, it didn't take but an hour for the rice to dry. 

The girls are ready to dig in and play!


Jackie said...

What beautiful colors and what a fun idea! At my daughter's school, one of the ways they teach them to write is by using sand in a small wooden box. I want to do the same here at home, but with colored rice. Thanks for the great idea!

P.S. I saw the comment you left on yesterday's post and I answered you back. :)

Valarie said...

Jackie, I saw on a blog that a woman that homeschools her children used cornmeal in a pie pan to teach writing the letters. I do have some cornmeal but had to mail it from the States so I am definitely not using that. But, the colored rice might be more fun for the kids.

Rebecca said...

It is really pretty if nothing else!

Reminds me of the color sand you used to layer in bottles as a kid at the fair

Lisa n Javi said...

wow what a cool idea. Love the bright colors. Great and easy source of entertainment skill building.