Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Over time I have adapted to living here in Mexico.  Not having things available that I would normally have access to in the States.  Although some are harder to get used to than others. 

But, there are a handful of items that I haven't found here and either bring back with me or beg someone to mail me some.

Even the postal service here in Mexico thinks I might be smuggling something that shouldn't be here in Mexico.  I ordered a region-free DVD player and had my mom mail it to me (with some other goodies) and just got the package yesterday.  Not only was the box opened and verified nothing illegal inside.  They also opened the DVD player box.  Nope, no guns or any such illegal things inside, Sir!

Things I feel I HAVE to have:

First and most important...TEA!

Good ol' Leslie has a post on her site that shows a somewhat substitute for iced tea here.  I have bought the pinguica powder but haven't tried it yet.  Soon.

I would say the next most important items for me to bring/have mailed are these!  Q-tips and my Target brand eye make-up remover!  Especially the Q-tips, though.  You can find cotton swabs here.  But, they are just not Q-tip quality and they are a bit pricey.  So, I just bring them here with me.  You can find one of those giant boxes of 650 count for $3.50 at Target.   I buy 4 or 5 and stuff them in my suitcase.  No biggie!

Here is another staple that I just recently found out about a substitute.  However, I haven't tried it yet.  As you see, I still have a 7 lb bag waiting to be used. 

The rest are things I wouldn't say I "need" but really like having.  Especially this!  These are courtesy of my aunt Janny!

My mom just sent me this.  I have seen several recipes on this site that call for this ranch seasoning.  Now I can try them!

And, lastly, I have a handful of Tastefully Simple seasonings.  It is just fun to have stuff like this around because I can't find anything here remotely similar. 

There are lots of other things that I have brought back from the States.  Most of it is just impulse shopping.  It is too easy for me to get carried away when I go.  I always pack lightly knowing that I will need the room and more in my suitcases.  I've already started thinking about what I want to buy when I go back.  And I don't go back until the middle of October.


Anonymous said...

Living without tea is going to be difficult, but I love aguas frescas so much that I think I might be ok. I actually kind of like aqua tamarind better than tea.

Valarie said...

I guess I should clarify. They have tea down here. But, most everything that I see is flavored in some way. And, you can even find the Arizona brand tea. BUT, I have NEVER seen it without being flavored with lime. EVERYTHING has lime in it. I just want regular ol' unflavored ice tea. So, if you like different types of tea, you will be right at home! Or, you can just try Leslie's "sort of" ice tea.

Rebecca said...

Did they use one of the post office flat rate boxes to send that stuff? I am curious how much can fit in the big box.

I have had no problem finding brown sugar here. It is the lighter version not dark but it works well.

Jackie said...

I think you're really lucky to have received your package. We haven't had the best of luck with packages arriving and so we've stopped.

We have a store here in GDL by the name of Waldo's. It's a dollar store, but they also have food. And they have a lot imported food/candy from the States and not at those crazy import prices. The fun part of it is that you never know what they'll have.

How fun that you'll be going back to the States in October! :) Will you be there for Halloween? My girls have never experienced Halloween back home. But I go all out and decorate our house and we have a Halloween get together. The neighbors think I'm the Gringa witch. I don't care because my girls love it.

Anonymous said...

I love Waldo's! I really like all the cheap home decor and cooking items that I can find there, but I have not seen one in Pachuca, only in Actopan.

Valarie said...

Yes! We are going for Halloween. We have been there the last two years for Halloween and the girls love it. As you said, it isn't really celebrated here.

There is a Waldo's in Aguascalientes. I have always wanted to stop there but haven't. Don't know why. I think I have talked my husband into going to Cantia this weekend so we should make a stop at Waldo's too!