Wednesday, June 15, 2011

pizza for lunch

Now that the girls are old enough to do things on their own, I have fully taken advantage of it. 

I have started having them fold and put away all the clean clothes.  Their clothes are little, but there are a TON of them.

And, they are more than eager to help with making food.  Today I let them make their own pizza.

Starting with the dough.

Adding the pizza sauce.

Emily adding cheese.

Bella adding cheese.

They had fun and made their own lunch.  With a side of cut up mango, the meal was complete!

Side note:  These pictures were taken today.  Why the girls choose to wear long sleeve t-shirts and jeans when it is so hot, only they know why.  I just boil it down to them being crazy.


Leslie Limon said...

Your girls are the cutest lil' chefs. My kids love to make their own pizza. Sometimes, when I don't feel like making pizza dough, they'll use flour tortillas. :P

Speaking of answer your question about what kind of beer I use for the quick beer pizza dough, I usually use a Barrilito, but you could use any kind of beer. :)

Lisa n Javi said...

Too cute! That is funny that they both decided to where long sleeves.