Monday, June 27, 2011

new view

We went back to Cantia yesterday. I love that place.  This visit was a little different.  I didn't make Jorge walk about the store just so I could stare and ogle over all the pretty things.  I had a list.  A good thing for him.

The walls in our house aren't painted.  Not even a base coat.  So, if you lean against the wall it looks like the wall attacked you with a big chunk of chalk.

I'm not sure why the owners of the house never had it painted.  We are actually the first people to live in the house.  Jorge mentioned to the landlord about painting.  She seemed OK with the idea but it seemed like she assumed we would pay.  Without a base coat even on the walls, I wouldn't even want to guess how much it would cost for all the paint needed.

We have one blank wall in the living room.  There are two small pictures hanging on the wall, but it just needed something.  Plus, I needed a place for me to put all my books.  They were stacked here and there.

Yesterday at Cantia I bought a somewhat solution to that.  I got these two shelving units to put against that wall.  I really like how it looks.  And, it shows off how much crap I have.

I even gave Jorge space on the TV stand for all his cars.  Now he can feel part of the decor.  He loves his collection. We already had the talk with the girls (mostly Emily) that those cars are off limits for little hands.

Now that I have changed the look just a bit in the living room, it is time to rearrange the bedroom!  I love rearranging furniture!

Oh, and just a FYI.  I found some sweet corn!  Jackie suggested looking at Waldo's ( a sort of dollar store).  And sure enough, they had some! 

I also scored this bag of Butterfinger goodness!


Lisa n Javi said...

I love moving furniture around also. I think when I was a teenager I painted and moved my room around at least 4 or 5 times. My dad finally banned me from watching the home improvement network. It is drivig me crazy that I can not move everything around in our bedroom because it is such a small space if I move anything it wont fit.:(

Anonymous said...

I really think this store needs to expand. Specifically, to Pachuca.

Jackie said...

Oh, Valarie!!! You're so lucky to have gone back to Cantia!!! Your new pieces of furniture look great! And that is the exact corn that I buy. Did yours cost $9 pesos? I saw the Butterfingers too! They also had Baby Ruth, Sweet Tarts, and Whoppers. AND Granny Goose chips. Like I mentioned, you never know what you'll find. :)

Leslie Limon said...

The more I hear of this Cantia, the more I want to visit! :) Maybe I can convince Hubby to take me this summer.

Hubby used to have a car collection like your Hubby, but our youngest didn't understand "the talk". :P

SCORE on the Butterfingers. I found a Butterfinger here once, when I was pregnant with Jack (2004/05), but it had expired in 2000! So I just said no. There's a Reese's candy bar here that tastes like Butterfinger though. :D

Valarie said...

Lisa- I can relate. When I can't move furniture (like in our living room) I hate it!

Sarah- :)

Jackie- It did cost right at $9 pesos! I only bought 4 cans knowing that I would be back! They did have a wide variety of things. And all packaged for the States. It was SO hot in the store that once I found the corn, Butterfingers and some of those individual powders for water bottles (strawberry lemonade!).

Leslie- Every once in a while we will find a few STALE/EXPIRED bite sized Butterfinger at the corner store (like a bag of halloween candy bought in the States 5 years ago)and I buy them and am always disappointed. But, this bag is FRESH! You definitely should go to Cantia! And, my husband has been collecting those cars over the past handful of years. A lot of them I get at Sam's Club in the States for only $12! Can't beat that!