Saturday, June 25, 2011

night and day

Just a lazy Saturday here.  Usually Sundays are dedicated the lazy day, but for us, Saturdays are too.

These two girls of mine are as opposite as they come.  Anything from what they like to eat to what they want to wear. 

A few weeks back when Jorge and I went to Aguascalientes, the girls wanted to come.  But, that was the big Cantia trip and I wanted room in the car for any purchase I might want to make.  So, they were forced to stay at their grandma's house.

They started the whining and crying, wanting to go with us.  And what tool do I use in those times of need.  Sure enough, bribing!  It seems to an effective tool sometimes.  And one that I am not too proud to use.  Don't judge!

I asked the girls what they wanted me to bring them back.

Emily said, "Batman!".  Of course. The inner tomboy was shouting out that she wanted an action figure. 

Bella, unsurprisingly, said she wanted a purse. She has about 100,000 of them, but what is one more?!

Right now I am listen to the only thing they do have in common....FIGHTING!  Joy, joy.  I take back that we are having a lazy Saturday.  It is quickly becoming a stressful one.


Jackie said...

I love how Emily chose a Batman and Bella a purse! That's too cute!

My sister and I are also night and day. We joke around and say that anything she does, I don't do. For example: she cooks, sews, smokes, drinks, eats meat, dances, has tatoos, long fingernails, wears black almost all the time, and rides a Harley.

We also look totally different: she has bright, red curly hair (which she chemically straightens), big, brown eyes, a little, turned up nose, and light colored skin with lots of freckles. She's also quite a bit shorter than I am.

But guess what? We have always been extremely united. I don't ever remember fighting with her and we're each others best friend. She's been there for me when I needed someone and vice versa.

I think the secret is respecting each others decisions because I love her very much and wouldn't want anyone else for a sister!

Lisa n Javi said...

Lol thats too cute.