Saturday, July 23, 2011

pictures around Jalos

Nothing very exciting is going on so I thought I would just give you something to look at today.

I took all of this pictures around Jalos over the past 3 years.

The cemetary in town.

Natural wildlife.  Ok, maybe not.  You see cows everywhere here.  This one and I had a moment.

A side shot of the main church in town.

Bella walking near some farm area.

A donkey grazing outside of someone's home.

A pretty nice house out in the "country".

Nice open area for the cows.

A view of inside the cemetary.

This is outside of Jorge's grandma's house.

An OLD truck on the side of a dirt road.

 This is the road that leads to where Bella was walking in the picture above.

A hot air balloon floating past our house.

The only park with some grass in Jalos. 

A road that leads to "downtown".


greengagirl said...

While not exactly the most beautiful of your photos, the cow is my favorite. The whole composition of it is amazing.

Tara from Me and the Mexican said...

Those are great photos! They are beautiful! Don't tell me your a photographer as well???? You have the best pics! I loved the cow pic also! It reminded me of a chic-fil-a billboard... "Eat more chicken!" LOL

Enderle Photography said...

Love the pics!! So beautiful!!