Monday, July 11, 2011

overnight guest, take 2

I posted a few years ago that we had a Virgin stay overnight with us.  I knew nothing about her at the time.  I didn't even ask my husband about her.

Saturday I was sitting here at my desk working.  I looked out the window to see three girls knocking on my gate.  I saw that they had the fliers that the church passes out each week.  Usually the person passing them out just throws them in the patio area.  I was confused why these girls were knocking.

I walked outside and grabbed the paper from them.  One of the girls started to say something to me in Spanish.  You know that I don't speak Spanish.  There are lots of times that I understand what someone is saying but don't know how to respond. So, when she started talking I told her that I didn't speak Spanish. 

She surprised me because then she said, "oh, well, I just wanted to let you know that they are having church tonight at 8.  It's up there at this small place."  WOW!  I wasn't expecting her to speak English.  And so well.  No accent at all. 

About 10 minutes later she is at the gate again with a woman.  I go out and she asks me if I would want the Virgin that night.  I called Jorge so he could get the details and decide.  That kind of thing I leave up to him. 

Well, she is here now.  I asked Jorge, this time, who she is.  She is Our Lady of Fátima

Normally she would have been here overnight.  But, since we got her on Saturday, she stays until Monday. I guess they don't do the prayers and such on Sunday.  Not exactly sure. 

So, tonight there will be a gathering of people here in our house and they will pray and sing for her.  Then she will be on her way to the next house.

What is interesting to me is that when I posted the blog post about her the first time, back in March 2009, that is my most popular blog post of all times, by more than double the 1st runner up.  I wonder how that happened.  The title of the post is so vague.  It will remain a mystery.


Lisa n Javi said...

This is one thing I love about Mexico. Learning all these new traditions and being able to take part in them. I was here last year around new years time and we had a baby Jesus that was passed around and we had to do a whole little ceremony and I had to carry it around while everyone kissed the head. It was definetly a new experience.

Tara from Me and the Mexican said...

wow, the statue is really pretty.... i loved seeing the alters when i went to Mexico. beautiful!