Tuesday, July 12, 2011

margaritas and carne asada

That's a good combo, right?  Margaritas and carne asada.  I thought so the other day when we were coming home from Aguascalientes.

We were in need of a stock the freezer/pantry trip to Costco.  And you know I was in *need* of another trip to Cantia.  Also we saw a really funny movie, Zookeeper.  It was funny and sweet. 

We were driving back home and stopped in a restaurant in a town on the way.  We had never been there before so we were willing to try it out.

Jorge was looking over the menu and noticed they had margaritas.  Heck, let's try some.  They were really good!  A bit pricey for the size, but I wanted to ask exactly how the guy made them.  (I didn't...it's a shame).  Although as soon as I get my hands on some orange liquor, I am going to try out this recipe. I bet it would be pretty darn close.

We ordered carne asada that was for two people.  They brought it to our table in this little grill type device that had charcoal inside to keep it hot.  Very cute if you ask me.

It was a nice little dinner for Jorge and I.  We had a long, fun day in "the city" and came back happy and full!


Anonymous said...

Looks delicious. I hope there isn't too much food like that to tempt me when I move there; I'll never lose the weight.

We went to Dixie Stampede here in Branson, which is a dinner show where they feed you a massive amount of southern food: biscuits, corn, soup, potato, pork loin, a whole chicken, and an apple turnover. After complaining about my weight yesterday, I definitely went out and ate like a fat girl.

Cutzi said...

Oh man. Looks delicious! And I'll bet it was fried in pure, wonderful, grass-fed lard!

Tara from Me and the Mexican said...

MMMMM looks delish! I could really use a margarita right about now... hehehee!!