Wednesday, July 06, 2011

lesson learned

I bought a Kindle 3 back in April.  My mom mailed it out and I got it sometime in June. So that means I have had access to it for just over a month now.  And after last night, my time with it is over.  That was fast.

The Kindle was such a great option for me.  I have such limited access to books in English down here.  If I wanted to buy books I would go the route of buying, shipping to my mom and then her shipping to me.  The Kindle seemed perfect.  Download books instantly and sometimes a bit cheaper than the hard copy of the book.

Last night I was alone in the house and I spent the time laying in bed reading.  Dumb me left the Kindle on the bed.  At some point my blanket covered the Kindle.

Guess what happened next?  Bing, bing, bing! You guessed it.  I went to get out of bed or leaned over and put my elbow or hand (don't remember because I just shocked when I heard the cracking noise) and pushed down on the "invisible" Kindle.

At first when I pulled the blanket from on top of the thing I thought it was fine.  The "sleeping" screen was still there and no cracks or breaks.  But, I turned it on and only half the screen came to life.  The other part was still frozen with the "sleeping" screen.

We took it apart and found that it had cracked.  Just behind the scenes.

Bummer!  Big time!

While I do plan on buying another one, I have learned the hard way to be careful with it. 


greengagirl said...

Oh no! Too bad we do not live closer together, otherwise I could bring it. Is there anyone you know near you who goes to the US very often?

Valarie said...

I'll either wait until I go back in October or just have my mom mail me a new one. But, I just can't get over how stupid I was. I am always so careful about putting it on the nightstand or some other surface. I guess not last night! Oh well.

Thanks for your offer! I am sure you have enough things that you need to squeeze into all your bags as is! :)

Jackie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! Those types of things make me really upset!