Tuesday, July 05, 2011

oops...wrong number

I have a cell phone plan through AT&T called Viva Mexico Plan.  It is great.  I have 900 anytime minutes and a 1000 night and weekend minutes for approximately $80 a month.  This plan allows me to call any phone in the US or Mexico while I am in either country.  It just takes from my minutes.  And, the anytime minutes that I don't use roll over to the next month.

I got the phone for work.  I help manage inventory at 6 sites and when they have issues I am the one they go to.  At first I used Skype.  I have a local Indy number that rings to my computer.  It costs me $60 a year to have it.  The problem with that is that I HAVE to be sitting at my computer.  I bet you can't even remember the days of corded phones.  That is kind of how I felt using only Skype.

Luckily work pays for the phone, but that also means that I answer every call.  And, if you ever call me and I seem all chipper, it is probably because your number came up blocked.  Sometimes caller ID just doesn't work and so I answer in my most pleasant voice expecting it to be a work call.

More often than I think should happen I get wrong number calls on my cell phone.  They are usually local Indy numbers.  Just today I got a call asking for Cheryl.  I was confused because my mom's name is Cheryl so I asked who was calling.  A Montessori school. Oh yeah, wrong number.  My mom wouldn't have a need for a Montessori school to call her.  Right, Mom?

But, what is more odd is that this morning I got a text from a wrong number.  Texting isn't included in my plan.  If I choose to send a text it is 50 cents.  Not too bad.  But, I just restrain from doing it.  So, this wrong text cost me 50 cents this morning.  I think I can manage but it is just odd.

Hopefully the person that was supposed to be receiving the text didn't have any changes that this person needed to know about.  I wish I had a deck that someone was finishing!

When I got it I leaned over and told Jorge, "they are finishing our deck and moving onto the basement next".  He looked at me like I was crazy  Which I am.

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Tara said...

such a cute story about leaning over and telling your husband they are finishing your deck then moving on to the basement. i just found your blog via Leslie Limon and I'm enjoying it!