Friday, July 29, 2011

nothing new

I have admitted that I didn't cook much when we lived in the States.  Here I cook all the time.  And, while most of the time I don't mind, sometimes you just get tired of it.

Going to the grocery store couldn't be more routine.  I always make a list of things I need for the meals I am going to make, but I am not sure why.  They usually involve the same ingredients, just different results happen.

The boring part is there are no good snacking type of pre-made items at the grocery store.  Every time we go, after getting back home and putting the groceries away, I always expect to open the fridge and see something good to snack on.

Nope.  Never happens. While I do like fruit and vegetables, they don't always hit the spot.  But, that is the majority of our shopping trip.

If you want something to snack on, you have to MAKE it!  Bummer!  Just take a peek into our fridge.

You see.  I swear I keep opening the door expecting to find something different. 


Anonymous said...

Wow! I hope that I get a fridge that nice! But I totally feel you on the snack thing. The worst part is that when nothing hits the spot, you just keep eating and eating, as though you can eat enough things and it will just work. But it never does. This is why I am fat, lol!

Valarie said...

Unfortunately I always crave sweets. And, if I can get them, I go for something salty.

But, looking in the fridge just always annoys me.

And, the fridge was a long time coming! We had a different one but it was just TOO small. With a membership at Costco, I need a bigger freezer. We had to travel to Aguascalientes to get it. Couldn't find one like this in Jalos. Ended up buying it at Home Depot.

But, here is the fridge we had before:

Leslie Limon said...

Holy hugeness, Batman!!! My "new" fridge is about the same size of your "old" fridge, but it's still nowhere near as full as yours. (But I'm working on it!)

Peeking inside your fridge is making me hungry. :P

Tara from Me and the Mexican said...

That's a nice fridge. Wish I could offer some type of advice on the "snacking" situation. Have you ever frozen anything that you've made and could reheat later to snack on? Just a thought. I love jalepeno poppers. Once I made a ton! We had an over abundance of jalepenos from our garden. I froze a lot and anacked on them for a while.