Saturday, July 09, 2011

child labor

I like a tidy house.  I am an organizing freak.  But, the cleaning aspect of everything is overrated.

I feel like sometimes all I really do is pick up things.  Not really actually "cleaning" anything.  Pick up the clothes.  Pick up the toys.  Pick up the trash.  Pick up the dishes.  Of course I wash the dishes and do the laundry and such.  But, things like dusting are annoying.

Right now, however, it isn't so bad.  Since it is the rainy season it doesn't get so dusty in the house.  When it isn't rainy season you can dust one minute and a few hours later it might look as if you haven't ever dusted.  Very annoying.

The girls LOVE to clean.  So I let them.  Today I asked them if they would dust for me.  They were more than willing.

Emily stopped and posed for me.

Bella was too involved to notice me taking pictures.  Which for her is odd.  She is a camera hog. :)

I removed the stuff on the top.  Everything else they took out and put back.  The house might be dusted more often now.


Jackie said...

Dusting is actually a very good activity to help improve motor skills. My girls have always gone to Montessori schools where they have activities like watering plants (eye/hand coordination), polishing a shoe, sweeping, etc. It's a win/win situation! :)

Anonymous said...

Unlike Bella in her underwear...dont you still dust in the nude???