Wednesday, July 13, 2011

birthday cake

Today is my mother-n-law's birthday.  We asked her if she wanted to come down for dinner.  I would make her whatever she wanted.  But, the sweet lady she is, she offered to make the enchiladas that I like. Too sweet!

So, we are going down to her house for lunch/dinner (whenever Jorge gets home) to eat her enchiladas.

I figured at least I can bring a cake for her.

This is a strawberry box mix cake.  Yummy!  I found them at the store the other day.  It was a new item that I was excited about.  Usually they only have vanilla and chocolate.  I grabbed 4 boxes of the strawberry so they can see that it sells. They also had orange, banana and carrot cake.  I bought one of the banana cake mix, wasn't sure about the orange and I already have a delicious carrot cake recipe so I passed on that.

I made her the strawberry one and whipped up some buttercream icing.  Luckily the cakes were done shortly after the icing or there wouldn't be any left. 

I'm not sure of what colors she likes. I just decided to go with a lavender for the icing.

I am sure it will go over well.

As you see it isn't perfect, but I am sure it is good enough to eat!  Can't wait to try a piece.  That is the benefit of making cupcakes.  You can sample before everyone else.  Well, at least I know the icing is heavenly!


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! I swear, I see what all these other ladies are able to do with cooking, sewing, and decorating and I feel so untalented. I need to pick up some skills.

Katie said...

Wow, you have a talent for frosting a cake! I'm sure it's delicious as well.

Leslie Limon said...

Your suegra is one lucky lady! That cake is gorgeous!

And how cool that you were able to find strawberry cake mix. I found a few boxes back in December and bought them all. I haven't noticed if the store ever bought more.

Don't you love when "American" products show up in the stores. :)

julie said...

That cake is so so beautiful! It's like a work of art.

Me and the Mexican said...

The cake looks beautiful! I'm sure she enjoyed it! It's TOO PRETY to eat!

Jackie said...

Your cake is absolutely beautiful! Where did you learn to create something like that? What a lucky MIL you have!