Friday, July 22, 2011

why I miss my kindle

We live in a small town.  When I say small, I am not talking about the small towns that you picture in the US.  The ones that have one or no stop lights.  The one that has Main St. and the one General Store on Main St. 

I remember when my parents came to visit they were surprised by the town where I live.  They were probably picturing the scenario above because I would complain about how small it it is here. 

I have always lived in Indianapolis.  And while it is no New York City, it is a city.  A decent sized one that has anything you could want.  So, moving here I got transported into a small town.  While we don't have any stop lights, we do have about 30,000 people.  But, we are all shoved into a considerably small area.

Anyways, I am rambling.  My point is that this is a commercial free zone.  Most of the stores here are the Mom and Pop type joints. You won't find any big grocery store or fast food joint or chain restaurant.

For all of our commercialization needs we travel about 1.5 hours to Aguascalientes.  It has most things that I need/want.

But, being that we are in Mexico, there are a small number of books in English that I have stumbled upon.  And, opposite of probably the small town image, you are picturing only one isle of a store with books that are in English. 

No.  No.  No.  It is MUCH smaller.  Take a look.

I wish I hadn't broken it.


Rebecca said...

8( we live in a small town also. While we have about 40,000 people i belive like your town, there is no big places to shop. But for us it is a 3hr drive to the nearest large city.

I hope you can get another kindle someday.

Valarie said...

I'm going back to the States in October. I am going to get some kind of replacement at that time. I am leaning towards the Barnes & Noble Color Nook.

I had only bought about 6 books on the Kindle so if I want to read those, I can do it on my computer.

Hope you are taking advantage of being in the States!

Lisa n Javi said...

I am in a pretty small town to I believe it is around 50,000 and a two to three hour drive to any big city's. I cant imagine losing my kindle I am hooked on a couple good books right now and they keep me busy. Hope you find a good replacement when you go back to the states.

Tara from Me and the Mexican said...

Sorry to hear about your Kindle, you don't have long until October though... It will be here b4 you know it! =)