Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Here are so pictures that I took of the cemetery here in Jalos. It is a lot more interesting than the cemeteries in Indy. Some of the tombs you can see inside and the coffin is visible. I saw one that was obviously a baby. Very sad.

(Above) This wall of tombs held babies and children. These were the ones you could see inside.

(Right) They have built the sidewalk and covered half of this tomb. I guess this person has been buried twice.

(Left) There were several tombs like this one where the concrete slabs were missing or broken. Scary!

(Right) This was a window on the side of one of the personal buildings in the cemetery.

(Right) This shows you how deep each plot on the ground is. It allows them to stack 5 coffins on top of one another.

(Left) I hope these two were not overlooked! Why are there extra coffins laying around?

(Right) In this picture I was standing on the ground and looking down. They built this wall of tombs in the ground.

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