Friday, October 24, 2008

the border

We had to drive up to the border yesterday in order to renew the permit on our car. The picture above is where we had to go. There is no way around the 11 hour drive (one way). They have to physically remove the sticker from your windshield and the person the vehicle is registered to has to be present. So, every six months we have to repeat this process. FUN!!

The whole way up I didn't feel anything, just anxious to get this drive over. Once we got into Nuevo Laredo I started thinking about how close we were to the US border. The road that leads us to the building to do all the paperwork runs parallel with the small river that separates the US from Mexico. I could have thrown a rock and have it land in Laredo, TX.

I was MAD! Almost crying mad. I didn't think I would have any bad feelings, but being so close and seeing the US was heart wrenching. You could see Wendy's, McDonald's, hotels, banks and homes in the US. I just sat there in the car thinking how ridiculous it was that we can't cross that stupid border. Well, I can but my husband can't.

How is that OK? I know he did something that by law he was not supposed to do, crossed the border illegally. But, why is it not OK for some people to come to the US? The United States is a melting pot of every nationality. My great grandmother came from Germany. What family can go back a few generations and claim to have been from the US?

It is just so frustrating going through this whole process. The not knowing is killing me and I am just short of 6 months into the situation.

I have been so removed from the US this whole time that it is easy to not think about it. Yes, I think about things I don't have here (like groceries and such), but I don't really think about *it*. I stay in the house most of the time and avoid reality.

Being yards away from the US just put a stake through my heart. It is something I want so badly but feel helpless to get it.

I know I should just accept this and be thankful for everything I have but sometimes that is not easy. We have our health and that is more than some people can say so I will try and think of it that way.

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Tara from Me and the Mexican said...

I have been to that exact building in Nuevo Laredo! We had to get a permit once to take my hubby's truck further into Mexico when we went to visit his family.
After our week long visit which was a great trip that I'll never forget, I remember crossing the border and seeing the American flag flying. I totally get what you are saying.
You are so right about having your health is the greatest blessing.
Curious to see how you are feeling about things now. Might take me a little while to catch up..... but I will.