Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Jorge is constantly making fun of me because I photograph everything. I have my camera in reach almost all of the time. For the girls I think they will like having so many pictures of them growing up. I love seeing old photos of when I was little. Also, I would like to have photos of our journey here in Mexico. And, as I stated in the last entry, technology is great and digital cameras make it easy to take as many as you like.

The photos he make most fun of me are when I run outside to take a picture of some bug or whatever else has stumbled onto our porch. You just don't see a variety of bugs and critters in Indy.

Here is a tiny little frog that we found on the front patio last night. He was very willing to let me take his picture. I didn't want to touch him because that would be gross and I don't know anything about what kind he is.

We saw this a few weeks back. I think this is a walking stick. I don't think they can harm you but I still don't want to touch it. Yuck! I am not a lover of bugs by any means.

I really hate beetles. I hate when they touch me with those sticky little legs of theirs. It grosses me out just thinking about it now. During the months of May, June and July there were a million of these guys. We don't have any screens on the window. I kept the windows closed because I didn't want them getting into the house. This particular one scared the crap out of me. I was watching TV and heard something (like the size of a dinosaur) hit the light in the kitchen. I was a bit hesitant to investigate. I walked over to the sink to find this giant beetle. I made Jorge remove it AFTER I took a picture.

It is a daily occurrence to find lizard on the patio. They can get in easily but have problems getting out. There are steps that you walk down and once they are in it is hard because of the tile on the walls. They just can't grip it to get back out. This one is by far the meanest looking one we have found. He is the biggest as well. We did see one the other day I swore was straight from the Crocodile Dundee movies. So I exaggerate some times. Bella gets excited when she sees the little ones. She recently held one in her hand.

I am sure I will take plenty more pictures to share of weird bugs and such. Nothing can make me stop!

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