Thursday, July 02, 2009

wet and dry

A misconception about Mexico is it is hot all the time. Last year when I was coming back to visit for a month during the winter season people assumed that I would only need warm clothes for Indy and not Mexico.

The truth is there are so many elevations in Mexico that depending on where you are determines the weather. Here in Jalos we don't have much humidity. The hot days of summer are tolerable when sitting in the shade. Because it is the sun that makes it hot, not the air. That nasty humidity of Indy is NOT missed! And during the winter season the temperature at night drops to the low 30's.

Our summer is ending. Well, more like has ended. It starts warming up in March. April and May it is full blown summer. Hot days and temperatures in the 90's. June is when it starts cooling down again and towards the end of the month it starts into the rainy season. July and August it usually rains most days. But, not in that annoying way. It usually happens at night which makes it cooler to sleep and keeps the house a nice temperature during the day.

Outside it might be wet, but I am proud to report that we are dry inside. A ways back I mentioned I was starting to potty training Bella. Well, it was short lived. I think mostly because of me. After that first time she wanted to go on the toilet, she stopped. She didn't have an interest and I just let it go.

The other day I was thinking I really need to get it going because soon enough we will be in the States and I know that will be a stressful time for her so I would rather have it done by the time we get there. Plus, buying less diapers is always great! So, Tuesday morning she woke up with a dry diaper and I just took it off of her and put underwear on her. I told her that she is a big girl and big girls wear underwear. I also told her that big girls go potty in the toilet.

Since Tuesday morning she hasn't had a diaper on, not even at nap time or night time, and there have been no accidents. Not to say there won't be a few here and there, but mostly I am so thrilled that she is going along with this. She is a smaller version of me so if you know how stubborn I am than you know why I am excited that she is willing to cooperate. We are on day 3 of no diapers and it is just awesome.

While it is raining and wet outside, we have a dry little girl inside and one proud momma.


Cutzi said...

Yay Bella! How great is that?? Dry during sleep times too? Amazing. Adia has been dry during naps so I've thought about leaving a diaper off then... but she is still soaked at night.


grandmamargie said...

Good girl, Bella. We are so proud of you!!

Anonymous said...

Go Bella go!


Monica said...

Stubborness is a virtue, I like to think. Bella will always be able to take care of herself if she is able to stand her ground.
Those Wall traits are dominant. :)