Thursday, July 30, 2009

what's a happenin'

Nothing new has been going on lately. Been blog surfing, finding neat little projects I want to try when I get back to the States. I will soon have the advantage of finding all the supplies needed for all these projects that look so cute.

I have moved up my *departure* date. I originally had planned on coming back in mid October. Being here is just becoming increasingly harder. I am not ready to leave Jorge any earlier, but I just feel more trapped than ever. He understands and has been very supportive, so he said, "leave earlier". So, I am leaving in a month. I should be back by September 1st. We will probably head out of here on August 29. It is about a 33 hour drive. Yikes!

Jorge will drive us to the border and then will hop on a bus back here to Jalos. The girls and I will cross the border alone and keep driving and driving and driving. The last time I did that drive the girls were 16 months and 2 months old. So, surely this time should be a bit easier. Let's still keep our fingers crossed.

I ordered a cell phone and my mom is mailing it along with my new license plate. I wrote my resume yesterday, ready for my job search. I have been thinking about what I want to take back with me. I have never went across the border from Mexico to the US with a car load full of stuff, so I can only assume the border patrol will search through everything in the car. I don't want it to be a long process. That day is already going to suck. Like I want to stand there watching them take everything out of the car while I am crying.

So, I will probably only take clothes and toys this time around. About 6 months into my return I plan on bringing the girls back for an extended stay with Daddy. They will stay for about 4 months or so. At that time I can take back whatever other items I want, in preparation for getting my own place.

I am just ready to get back and get things going. I hate transitional times. It is like being trapped between the past and the future. Very uncomfortable for me.

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Anonymous said...

Just be glad neither of the girls are still on formula. When I came back in 1997 Shawn's son was an infant...when they came across the powder substance we know as FORMULA the went ape-shit and called in the dogs. I guess since must of their women breast feed it was a crime in itself to have it! Went had to sit at the boarder for almost 3 hours as they brought in the drug sniffers. It wasn't funny at the time...but I am laughing now.

Love ya..