Thursday, July 23, 2009

creating a path

When something in my life is going to change, little or big, I make plans. I know that plans don't always happen the way you want or intended, but for me it is soothing to have them there, waiting on me.

I find that I interchange the word "plan" with "goal". To me they are one in the same. And I can see to others that it might seem I am setting myself up for disappointment because things are never concrete. Inevitably there will always be things that are out of my control, but I still believe that I control the path of my life. So, things might change but I can create the path that I follow. That is where the "plan" or "goal" comes in.

Now that you know my logic, I am going to share what my plan is. I haven't held back any other personal info on this blog before, so why start now. Plus, for me it helps if I tell others so it will help me stick to my words. It makes me want to prove myself. (That is the competitive side of me coming out.)

I had mentioned that I am going to move back to the State and I am going to stay at my parent's house. At first I will depend on them so I can get my feet back on solid ground. I will need their help while I recreate my life. While that is all good, living somewhere rent free until I can get back on my feet, I can't stay there forever. I need to set a time frame, a goal, of when I will get my own place.

Last night, while Jorge was still at work and the girls were down at the in laws, I had an idea. I created my path. Here it is for the world to see...

  • After one year I will get an apartment (October 2010).

  • While the girls are in Mexico, staying with daddy, I will get a part-time job for my evenings and/or weekends. Being a single mom with only the one income, it will be nice to create a cushion in case something should come up. And, this will occupy my time so I don't have to be in an empty house all the time.

  • I am going to create a list of items I need for the apartment. This will allow me to have the year to accumulate all the furniture and such instead of doing it all at once. This is where I will call on my friends for help. If they see something at a good deal--at the store, thrift store, garage sale or through a friend--hopefully they will let me know.
Right now I am so excited about the new start that it hides all the bad *side effects* of what is going to happen. This new path of mine is getting closer, just two months. Well, I guess I am on it right now. I am on the path to a new life. I hope that Jorge's path and mine cross in the not so distant future.


grandmamargie said...

Sounds good. I hope it all works out for you. Do you think you will ever go back to Mexico?

Valarie said...

I don't have plans to come back. I mean, for visits, yes, but to live, no.

Hopefully we can get my husband back into the US sometime in the near future. Just keeping my fingers crossed!

grandmamargie said...

I hope your marriage will work with the distance and being apart so much. I wish your family the best. I've enjoyed things you've shared about living in Mexico. I guess it's just not as adventuresome as I imagined it would be. By the way, your girls are precious.