Wednesday, July 15, 2009

homemade beauty

I tried a homemade facial exfoliator the other day and it was GREAT! I normally am the type of gal to buy the store bought, pretty packaged beauty products. Well, actually I am loyal to some of Mary Kay's products. They have a facial exfoliator that I just love. But, my budget doesn't allow for such purchases right now.

I found a website that list several recipes to make your own beauty products. I looked for the simplest one and found this one:

Salt Exfoliate
1 cup salt, any kind
1 cup veggie oil, any kind
1 cup liquid soap
Mix all the ingredients and massage into the skin then rinse well. Salt is natures' healing ingredient for all!

(As you see I used EVOO instead of veggie oil and I used the girls bath soap because I didn't want any stong soap on my face. And, FYI, I used Kosher salt.)

Oh, and I didn't make a gigantic batch; I used a tablespoon instead of a cup. It made a little more than what I needed so next time I will probably use a teaspoon of each ingredient.

I don't think it could get more simplistic. I got out the three ingredients and whipped them together, put it on my face and exfoliated away.

Let me tell you that it worked WONDERFULLY! I don't think I will ever buy a store bought or Mary Kay exfoliator again.

I just wanted to share. You know how it goes with trying things at home, they don't always work out very well.


grandmamargie said...

I must try this. I also like Mary Kay products, in fact, I used to sell it.

I love your new layout. The girls are much prettier than your burro. :)

Also, it's fun to read your blog and learn how life is there in Mexico for an American.

I read on one of you posts that you still work for a company here in the US. How does that work? Just curious.

Lopie said...


You are so domesticated it is almost scary! I am going to try this.