Friday, July 10, 2009

speaking spanish

I get asked if the girls know Spanish every once in a while. Here at home you don't here much Spanish at all. Of course I don't know Spanish (I should learn but haven't) and Jorge goes into English mode since he is around me. The type of satellite TV we have broadcasts almost all the shows in English. But, the girls to do over to Jorge's family's house several times a week. Since they only speak Spanish over there, the girls have picked up on it just fine. There doesn't seem to be any communication problems.

Bella uses some Spanish on a regular basis. Some words she commonly uses:

aqui for here
esta for this
papos for shoes
si for yes
mida (sp) for look -- this one you hear ALL the time

There are others but these are the ones that come to mind.

Emily is trying to count. She only says two and three, but in Spanish. You will here her sweet little voice, "dos, tres, dos". She will repeat two.

It is hard to get a video of the girls doing anything because they want to "see it". That is all I hear usually when I am trying to video them. It is a small digital camera with a screen on the back to view the pics/videos. So, this is pretty good that Bella was cooperating with me.


Cutzi said...

Oh this brings such joy to my Spanish speaking heart!! She's doing great! Do I detect a little accent as she's saying her English words?? Too, too cute Valarie.

And what do you mean you don't speak Spanish??!! Your pronunciation is excellent!

Gives me a little kick in the pants to get going on the Spanish curriculum around here.

Amber said...

OMG...I can't believe Bella...that is sooooo cute. Tell her Aunt Amber is so proud of her. By the time you get back she be speaking more than me!

Love You girls!

grandmamargie said...

Very smart little girl. Keep practicing, Bella. Thanks for sharing.

penny said...

that's so cute... I'm laying on the floor dying.

veda said...

i'm jealous of her excellent ability to speak multiple languages.

~veda dullaghan

Amy Strain said...

Impressive! You have a very smart little lady on your hands!