Sunday, July 12, 2009

bella's beauty

A while back I highlighted Emily and how sweetly beautiful she is. Well, now it is Bella's turn to shine.

I know, being their mom biases me, but I think my two girls are just about the cutest girls in the world. They might drive me crazy, but just looking at them washes away all the stress. In Bella's case, I am very thankful she is so beautiful because she does stir up some stress.

This girl is a miniature version of me. She is so STUBBORN, independent, strong willed, smart, funny and hard headed! Many times during the day I will try to help her with something and she yells, "I'll do it!".

No matter how mad she gets or how frustrated I get with her, her pretty face can always calm me down. Today I got some good pictures of her. It is my MIL's birthday tomorrow and all she wanted was a picture of our family-- me, Jorge and the girls. While we were waiting for Daddy to do his hair, Bella was letting me take all these cute pictures of her. So, now we can highlight her beauty!

I think daddy is going to have his hands full with fighting off the boys when Bella is older.


grandmamargie said...

Beautiful child. Great pictures.

Amy Strain said...

Beautiful child, beautiful photos. When you are home, I am going to have to hire to you to do a photo shoot!