Thursday, July 02, 2009

the chart

In the process of getting Bella to go to the bathroom in the toilet, we have established a pattern of getting "surprises". She goes potty and then asks for a reward. I tried to vary her rewards. They were a mixture of candy, fruit snacks and Hello Kitty stickers. But, I don't want to give her a food reward all the time and I am out of stickers. So, I tried to think of another way to do it.

I watch Supernanny because I like to get tips on how to deal with different issues. I know I don't do everything right but I am no where near as bad as some of those parents. No matter how good you are, Jo Frost know what's up as far as dealing with kids. I watch hoping to see some great idea that I can apply to our life.

You always see the Nanny bringing out some chart for chores or whatever. I thought I would give it a try. I had some foam sheets and made the board and pieces out of that. Bella really likes all the pieces that I made. I am just not sure how well she will understand the concept. I want her to be excited about putting the pieces on the board and once all the spaces are filled (there are 10 total) then she can pick a *surprise* from the store.

The first time she was able to put a piece on she didn't really understand and wanted a *surprise*. After she stopped crying I explained to her and showed her all the pieces I was making. We also hanged the chart on the wall and that got her even more excited. Once daddy got home Bella was able to show it off and tell him she went pee pee. I think this might be a better solution then giving her something every time.

Only time will tell.

So far day 3 has been a success!

***Update: She just went to the toilet again! She got to pick out the piece she wanted and she put it in the next box. She was happy with doing that. Looks like a good solution has been found.

This almost seems too easy! I know we have just began but she tells me every time she needs to go and that is it. So odd and good!

****Update #2: I know, enough with the updates! But, I am so excited about how easy this whole thing is. Bella is really liking the little pieces for her chart and is ready and willing to use the toilet. And it is interesting to see what piece she chooses next. I am going to have to buy some cheap toys and let her pick from them instead of going to the store every 10 bathroom trips.


grandmamargie said...

That is a wonderful idea. And you are soooo talented. Good job. And another congratulations to Bella.

julie said...

I love this!