Wednesday, May 13, 2009

she doesn't leave home without her

(How cute is she?)

Emily got a baby doll for Christmas from Grandma Ramirez. For the longest time that doll sat in the room by himself. Just in the past month or so that has been *the* doll. Her doll. Usually he goes to the store with us, he sleeps with her and is, most of the time, being toted around by her.

This doll's clothes were not made very well. Originally there was some patch that has since been ripped off. The Velcro tabs don't hold together very well and because of that his clothes are usually off.

The other day he fell into the bath water so I took off his clothes (while Emily cried the whole time wanting him back), washed them and laid them to dry. While they were laying there by the sink I thought why not make some clothes for him.

After looking through the pathetic amount and choice of fabrics I have, I realized I don't have anything to make boys clothes. Without the overalls and hat, the doll is gender neutral and so why not make him a her.

I got some old clothes of the girls out and cut some pieces of fabric to make a dress. Mind you this was all being done while Emily was sleeping. I had to have the doll with me to make sure the dress was going to fit. I have not really made any clothes before and especially none this small. After undoing a few mistakes and figuring out how to make it so the dress could be easily removed if washing was necessary, I finally got it finished.

She is attached to this doll. You can't trade her for another one. It is almost like she has a sentimental attachment to him, now her. With Bella, it is totally the opposite. She doesn't' have any one thing that she likes the most. Each day she grabs a different doll or toy to play with. Hopefully, for Emily's sake, we never misplace that baby.


Heather said...

Emily's doll had a sex change! The dress is very cute.

Valarie said...

It was an out patient surgery.

grandmamargie said...

Good job. When my girls were little, I made their barbie's some clothes. My daughter still remembers that.

Colin said...

Cute, cute, cute. Emily, the doll and the sex change. And the fact that you whipped up some clothes yourself is pretty impressive!

If our kid's favorite doll ends up naked, we'll probably just stuff it in a ziplock baggie or something and tell her it's an aquadoll.

"She's waterproof now, you see? And this is her crinkly submarine."

Amy Strain said...

Such a good mother you are! LOVE IT!