Monday, May 11, 2009

a good day

The title of this blog entry has been long awaited. There have been a lot of days lately where I have been down in the dumps. Because of very supportive people I feel I am back on track a bit. Some stresses have been lifted.

Yesterday I spent the day without the girls. I know, it was Mother's Day, but I guess you can interpret it however you like. Since I spend almost all my time with them, I looked at it as a day off. A day for me.
Jorge took me to Aguascalientes. We went to the movies and then walked around in the mall. We didn't end up buying anything. We then planned on going to Chili's. I love their chips and salsa. It was so packed and our stomachs couldn't handle the wait so we ended up going to McDonald's. I know, McDonald's? Hey, when you are living in a tiny town where there are no food joints other than hole in the wall dives that don't offer much of a variety, any chain restaurants are a treat.
Then we ventured over to Home Depot. This was the place I was looking forward to. I wanted to buy a few flowers and some pots to add to my *garden* (which is growing like crazy) on the front patio. Not having anything green around sucks. Plus, taking care of the plants and watching them grow helps with my stress. I would love to move to a house with some real outdoor space with a small patch of grass or dirt. Maybe one day.

(The Gerbera Daisy is my favorite flower. Of course I had to buy a pink one.)

(And, I didn't want the pink one to not have an orange friend. They are sitting on each side of the front door. A nice way to come home.)

(The watermelons had to be transplanted to a bigger container.)

(The bean plant is getting ready for Jorge to climb it.)

(The tomato plants are flowering. Soon I will have to find some kind of support for them.)

Since it was *my* day and all, Jorge was going to stop by the fabric store in Aguascalientes without a fight. It is the same store as the one in San Juan (where I normally go if I want to attempt to find some fabric), but this one looks a lot bigger and I was hoping (crossing my fingers) that they would have a better, larger selection. Unfortunately it was closed when we drove back by it on our way home. I guess next time.

All and all it was a nice relaxing day.

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