Monday, May 11, 2009

can I get a...

Pair of tennis shoes, books in English, colorful thread for the sewing machine, felt, clothes in a size other than 2, pretty fabric, craft supplies...
What do all these items have in common? Things that are difficult for me to find here. Well, some I can find but are too expensive or just not the right kind or there is not a decent selection.
After calming down about living in Mexico and realizing that there are worse things that could be happening in my life, It is this that is the most annoying to deal with. Not finding what I want or need!
Living in Indianapolis my whole life, I became spoiled. I took for granted the ease of popping into Target ( I HEART Target!) or Hobby Lobby or any other fabulous store to pick up something. Things are well priced, there is a great assortment to chose from and everything is so accessible.
This easy way of life is what I will always miss and is what I will never get used to not having.
Jorge and I started walking a few weeks back and, believe it or not, I didn't own a pair of tennis shoes. How was I to find a pair here? I wasn't. I relied on my trusty mother to do me yet another favor and be my middle man. I went online and bought a pair and had them shipped to her. She, in turns, mails them to me. Luckily, most sites offer free shipping. Since the post office offers flat rate international shipping I usually try to find something else I need so she can fill up a box. It kind of reminds me of coupons. I never used coupons because I know they are not really money saving. At least not for me. I would end up buying things that I didn't need because "I had a coupon". That would have been money I wasn't going to spend. But, in my case I guess I buy things I need or really want that I can't find here. But, either way I end up spending more money so the postage doesn't up the price of that item by it's self.

(My new shoes. Only $55. Good deal, right?)

I was only able to bring a handful of books to read when I moved down here. You try to fit almost everything you own in the back of a Chrysler Pacifica and see how much you can get in there. Everything just wasn't going to fit. Finding books in English is not impossible, but limited. So, with the shoe purchase I bought the oh so popular Twilight series. You see those books/movie mentioned all the time, so I thought I would read the books.

(The first two Twilight books. My mom is sending the other two in a separate package.)

Shopping on was kind of interesting. I was curious if they offered shipping here and on certain items they do. The books they would ship here but I wouldn't get them for over a month and at the same price my mom could fill up a flat rate box. Shoes, no. Clothes, no. I think it is more frustrating that stores will/can ship some items and other not. I did find an online fabric store that I can have my purchase shipped here, and for only $10. I thought that was a good deal.

No matter how I get my items, via my mom or straight from the Internet store, it is still annoying that they don't have these things here. Even in the bigger cities I can't find some common items. Am I asking for too much?

(NOTE: I can't get my spacing to show up correctly when the entry is posted. I am not sure what is going on. I have several small paragraphs but when I "publish post" it shows up as one long paragraph. And, sometimes it shows more spacing than there is pre posting. ANNOYING!)

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Cutzi said...

We'll expect to not see you for a few days as you sink into the obsession that is the Twilight series. I was adamantly not going to read them until a friend sent the first one... my family didn't see me for days.