Friday, May 08, 2009

one more

I blog surf because it leads me to interesting people and things, plus I usually have time to do so. I have a new *blogger friend*, Cutzi, and the other day she posted a link to make an apron out of a dish towel. I thought I would make one for Bella. I had a really cute towel with cherries on it and thought that would be perfect. I made it a little bit different but it still does the job.

Bella seems to like it. Now she can be my official helper in the kitchen. See for yourself.


Cutzi said...

I love it!! I definitely need to make one for Adia now. Right after I make two for my aunt and my mom for Mother's Day. You know, in all my spare time.

And *thank you* for the shout-out!

Colin said...

It took me a while to really embrace it, being male and all, but through Penny's painting and now Bella's kitchen helping I understand that with an apron, you can do anything.