Friday, May 08, 2009

recycling--sewing project--mother's day gift

A few months back I got a care package in the mail from some of my awesome friends (Heather, Julie & Amy). They had went to Target, a place I miss dearly, and bought odd and ins that they knew I would love. One thing that was in the box was a table runner. It was so pretty and I opened it and put in on the table immediately. You can see on the table in the picture below that it barely fit the table and I wasted no time to iron it. After a few uses I had to wash it and didn't pay attention to the instructions. Oops! It shrunk. Now it has been in a bag with all my fabrics for sewing.

As you know Mother's Day is this weekend. I wanted to get something small for Jorge's mom. She has had a hard life and I think she deserves something on Mother's Day.

The other day we were over at her house and she was cooking gorditas for us. She was about to drop the dough in the oil and before she did she went to get a button up shirt and put it on backwards as a make shift apron.

Sitting here in the house thinking about what to get her, a light bulb went off! I can use that table runner and make an apron. It is a thick canvas like material that would be perfect for an apron.

I did just that. It took me about 3 hours but I made sure to make it look as nice as possible. Here are the results.

No money spent yet a thoughtful gift. Anyone need an apron? :)


Heather said...

That is adorable! What a thoughtful gift! When Target had this line, they actually had an apron that matched. I have it in my kitchen.

Cutzi said...

Such a thoughtful gift. She'll love it, I'm sure.

You need to start making a list of all the things you're learning in Mexico.

#173: Resourcefulness


julie said...

I love this! What a perfect, thoughtful gift for her, and what a fantastic use for the shrunken table runner!

Lopie said...

I can not beleive how talented you are. That wa a great idea and I am sure she loved it!

Tara from Me and the Mexican said...

You are amazingly creative! The apron is beautiful!