Friday, December 23, 2011

a little baking for Christmas

Normally, on Friday, I post about our school week.  And, since I usually take the photos on Friday, I don't have any because we took the day off school.   The girls didn't seem to mind one way or other.  And, I got some baking done.

I just realized that this is really the first Christmas that I did any sort of baking.  Weird, I know!  I spent the morning making cookies.  All classic ones.  I didn't want to try any new sort of cookie in fear that they would turn out horribly.

I made chocolate chip cookies, soft sugar cookies with buttercream icing, and brownies.  I had a recipe for the chocolate chip cookies.  I blogged about it here.  But, for the sugar cookie, I tried a recipe from....  Yes, you guessed it. Pinterest!  And, let me tell you.  SUCCESS!  I had a feeling they would be good when sour cream is one of the ingredients.  The sugar cookies are so soft and, generally, perfect!  Not too sweet either.  I can't stand an overly sweet sugar cookie.  I definitely think you should make them!  And, I found a simple brownie recipe online somewhere.  But, they aren't all that great.  Not really worth mentioning.

But, the spread looks festive and I am sure they will be eaten up quickly once they are in front of the in laws!

I hope everyone has a great Christmas!


Lisa n Javi said...

Wishing you a great Christmas also. Those cookies look so good. For weeks I have been craving chocolate chip cookies. Yummy.

Leslie Limon said...

Yum!!! They all look good to me! Is that the box you're sending me??? :)

I spent the entire afternoon baking sugar cookies, alfajores and my Mexican chocolate chunk cookies at the ranch today, and I have nothing to show for it. They all disappeared like hot cakes. :P Back to baking cookies for Santa tomorrow. :P

I just love your serving platter! :)

Jackie said...

Oh, Valarie...everything looks soooo delicious!!! We also spent the day baking, but we didn't decorate them and our things weren't from scratch.

Tara said...

oh yes! If sour cream or cream cheese is an ingredient in the recipe, you can guarantee it is going to be good! Everything looks sooo delicious!